In the last decade more women are leaving the Corporate world to start their own businesses. Given the economic state  today and the number of women that are being laid off for various reasons in the Nigerian Corporate world, more and more Nigerian women are leaving the corporate setting to start their own businesses.

These career women in Nigeria have so many options to choose from when considering starting a business for themselves but from observation, more are looking more seriously at network marketing and direct selling companies.  What is the attraction?

There are many reasons and it will be good for you to know these reasons if you need to recruit some of these women into your team         Enumerated below are some top reasons Nigeria women are leaving the corporate world for network marketing.

1.In the 80’s and 90’s it was the fad for many Nigerian women to work in the corporate setting. It represented independence, class, the opportunity to wear a good suit and drive off to the office but today these independent swag ladies just want to slip into a jeans and skip all the long drive. They also want to be their own boss instead of tolerating the hate filled office politics and have a no limit on their earnings as obtained  in the corporate setting .There is no limit to what you can earn in network marketing.

2.WORKING AS A PART TIME TEAM.:Many professional Nigerian women having worked in team environments do not want to start a business where there will be no teamwork. If this is absent they may feel isolated and lonely with no one to talk to and reason with and this  can be very discouraging.Network marketing on the other hand gives the women who want team play and total say on how  they build their business along the  chance to work with others and also receive support from others.

3.OPPORTUNITY TO CHOOSE WHO TO WORK WITH: Many Nigerian career women suffer the misfortune of working with Dracula bosses and very hard to get along colleagues. Network marketing provide this enticing idea of choosing who to work with (whether a new business partner or customer.

4.SEEKING FOR MORE WORK LIFE BALANCE.:Competing in the corporate world for most Nigeria Women has been sacrificing a of things.The  hardest  is the imbalance of in their lives. They strive to be super mum, super wives, super employees  e t c and most of them feel stressed and burn out. For them  one of the strongest motivation to go into the network marketing is having time for their family, see their children wake up and go to sleep at night take care of their husbands and family needs.Network marketing is one of those very uncommon opportunities where women can truly have it all—having both great income and high quality family life.

5.LOW START OFF COST AND MONTHLY OVERHEARD: The capital to start off most businesses create a lot of obstacles for most Nigerian women.Even for a small retail shop for provision, hair salon etc.you need money to rent the shop, purchase stock and advertise.  There is high risk if things don’t go as planned. In network  start  off  capital is minimal, little or no overhead cost month to month, year to year. The internet has even made easier by making it possible for people to buy online from anywhere in the world at no extra cost of your stocking products and spending money upfront.

6.SECURITY AND NECESSITY: The economy in  Nigeria is very unsecured and you find that not everywoman who start their own business did it as first choice. Majority of them were laid off with the chances of getting another job very slim and becoming self employed was the only option.Once women get used to the teething problems of unplanned career they become for ever grateful to be on a more rewarding path because they never need to worry about any pay cheque.

7.GREAT REWARDS AND INCENTIVES: Unlike the corporate world, network marketing companies do a lot to recognise and reward their distributors with exotic all expenses paid trips, cars and even cash awards Every Nigerian woman likes this. They will not get this in the corporate world.This another attraction to network marketing.

8.Network marketing is one of the few businesses Nigerian women can enjoy ample time freedom It is not uncommon to find women leave their job, join a network company and in two to five years begin to enjoy time freedom and financial freedom which is not heard of in the corporate arena.

9. NO GLASS CEILING ON SALARY: In organisations and corporate world there is a glass ceiling to how much you can earn but in the network marketing industry they are creating satisfied high 6- 7 income earners. This is atop motivator for Nigerian women to join network marketing.

10. BE YOURSELF AND STILL EARN. In the corporate world most women have lost their identity. They have  to become men in their behaviour , thought and action in order to fit into their job  but in network marketing you don’t have to fit into  anyone mould to be a success.

Trendy women in Nigeria today are looking for opportunities  to escape unfulfilling jobs and enter into new rewarding career path. Recruiting these women into your team and helping them recognise that your business is not just  a money making venture but a system to achieve more balance and have time with family and be successful without sacrificing themselves in the process.  If you can do this , you will have the best of teams, where it will be a win  win situation for all.

If you fall into the category of women that are facing some challenges in their network marketing business or job and need someone that can guide you in achieving great success in your business,simply click here to work with me.

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