A Preview on AIMWORLD

A new, sizzling and fresh opportunity has just hit the MLM Global Market from the innovative, revolutionary team of Alliance In Motion Global with the introduction of AIMWORLD.

AimWorld is the online division of the ever evolving Alliance In Motion Global.
It is neccesitated to meet up with the trend of the times in both technology and product distribution.
Bill Gate said ” if your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of Business” and Alliance in motion know that if they must reach a wider  and bigger market , they must follow the trend which is the use of the Internet hence the introduction of AimWorld.

With AimWorld , clients, prospects from more than 200 countries can register, buy, sell their products online, pay with their credit cards, with the products delivered door to door at minimal cost

AIMWORLD products are 100% online and it has two products with another one in the pipeline.
Aimworld flagship product is IPro-tectC24/7 and the other is CareLeaf.

It is Japanese technology with 30years solid research and produced in the USA.It is laboratory tested and interestingly it is not a Me Too product because it is not a beverage, a supplement or cosmetics.  It is a Category product. First of its kind.
Aimworld iPro-tect is a wearable technology- a necklace with pendant.
It’s Features.
1.Emits invisible fumes and creates a 2meter force field or green zone
2.Anti-bacterial force field
3.Anti-microbial force field
4.Anti-viral force field
5. Lasts for 60days

Aimworld IPro-tect when activated within seconds will release a 2meter protection from bacteria and viruses which causes them to die in seconds before getting to the wearer.

Careleaf is World first Patch product by Aimworld using nano diamond technology.
It is all natural, non drug, non synthetic, no side effect mineral and herbal based patch.
Aimworld Careleaf is non addictive and micro layers infused with adaptogens with a combination of natural blends of powerful minerals and herbal ingredients that delivers immediate relief to musculoskeletal pain.

As soon Aimworld CareLeaf  comes in contact with skin, GRAPE SEED OIL opens up the pores to allow the Active Ingredients to enter and alleviate inflammation.

Some of the ingredients infused in this
Latest innovation of Field of Pain intervention are:
1. Korean Red Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) it an immune booster, it detoxifies the body organs, protects liver and detoxifies the effect of alchohol, anti ageing and also very beneficial for those recovering from illness, surgery, chemotheraphy and diabetes
2.ST JOHN’S WORT.This is a wonderful herbal remedy that has been in use since the middle ages because of it’s wound healing and anti inflamatory properties.
3.TUMERIC (CURCUMIN LONGA) It contains very active ingredient of curcumin which has very potent anti inflamatory properties and very powerful anti oxidants.
4.CAPSAICIN.This is from Red Chilli Peppers which is a natural source of Endorphins and so relieves stress and pains.
5..Silver IONS. These kill bacterials
6. ORGANIC GERMANIUM:Natural reflectors that utilisexyour own body heat to bring the neede relief from pain.
8. GRAPESEED OIL.  This is a very powerful  nutrient. It is anti-allegic, anti histamine, anti microbial, anti oxidant inti inflammatory to mention but a few.Good for arthritis wrinkles , cancer diabetes etc

My candid view of  the Aimworld products is the fact that people who are  very sensitive and sceptical about swallowing capsule and tablets because of toxicity of kidney and other fears will be more inclined to use the Aimworld products as they do all that the  supplements do.They are anti- bacterial, anti- virus, detoxifier and rejuvinators.The simplicity of delivery taken off distributors and customer makes AIMWORLD  a welcome development and improvement  in the Wellness industry.
KUDOS to the Board Of Directors Of AimGlobal

If you find this Preview useful or you want more information , please leave a cooment and information below and I will get back to you.

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