About Me

1I have always loved to impact lives, give a little of myself and I think that informed my choice of profession (Teaching).

I was enjoying  my teaching job till about a decade ago when it suddenly dawned on me that I can never be financially free building another person’s empire and dreams, that Day against the will of  members of my family and fear of the unknown, I burnt the bridge of Employment and ventured into  an unknown  world of not having a clue of What next.

Two weeks after becoming unemployed from my supposed very good job , I met a parent from my former job who told there was a business opportunity she wanted me to see and being a very adventurous person l followed her to this presentation which turned out to be a network marketing business.

What I saw and heard was simply amazing and after the presntation which was full of hopes and expectations, I told myself this is the place to be.
I will finally do my own thing , no alarm clock, no restrictions, I can leverage. It was for me a wonder and I signed up immediately, earned double my salary the first month, my second month just killed it as I earned four times my salary.  That was the turning point and I went into network marketing full time.

It hasn’t been all bed of Roses,  I have had challenges but have learnt to surmount them by Focusing my attention on studying people who were successful, learning the strategies and formulas that these  world top  earners used to achieve their goals and apply them to my own business and life.

Discovering the immense  online world of Social media,  personal branding and many other inventive (and successful time proven marketing techniques) have given me great ideas to work with.These have helped me to develop strong understanding of things that work and those that don’t.
Self education and coaching from some world top earners in this industry and others have worked immensely for me and made MLM a dream come true .

In my one decade of romance with Network marketing, I have experienced a lifestyle I never would have had working for someone else. Travelled all expenses paid trips to exotic locations,with earning a seven income bonuses in my Country currency and aspiring for a 7 income in world currencies and crypto currency with time freedom .

My mission now is to share my knowledge, strategies and formulas  with others so they can experience the beauty of this time tested, proven profession, so they can achieve better success without many challenges as they work towards achieving their dreams.