Alliance In Motion Global Unbiased Review

Alliance In Motion Global is a multi billion peso Phillipine Company founded on March 18th, 2006.

The Fonuders:  Alliance in Motion was founded by three dynamic, innovative and passionate young men from different professional backgrounds but with same passion for network marketing. They are not just business men who saw Alliance in Motion as a lucrative business to invest money into but they are network marketing practitioners with over 70years cumulative experience. No wonder they know what the pains of a network marketer.
The first amongst these men is Engnr Francis  Miguel, an engineer by profession and a most outstanding business man from the Bulacan Province of  The Phillipines. He is the Vice President for Finance and popularly known as the Mentor of All Mentor because of his unequal feat of mentoring and producing over 500 multi millionaire across the whole of Asia and recently across the Globe.

The second  is Mr John Asperin, the Vice President for Marketing a Physiotherapist by profession also known as Mr Excitement.  His passion for Alliance in Motion Global exudes in his teaching and trainings which has earned him Mr Excitement. This may just be the one reason why Alliance in Motion is spreading and expanding at the speed of lightening.

The last and not the least is the CEO and President of Alliance In Motion Global, Doc Ed Cabantog, a perfect gentleman, a medical doctor by profession  and he is popularly called the Visionary President. He is indeed Visionary and his far sightedness has made it possible for the Company to the awarded The number one Direct Selling in the World two years consecutively 2014-2016.

Alliance in Motion I s the first Filipino  Network Marketing company to become a member of the prestigious MLMIA -Multi-level Marketing Internation Association.Also Top Direct selling Compensation Plan In World 2015.To cap up the many accolades during the Company’s 9th anniversary it created two Guiness Book of Records of  The largest Human Smiley and The Most People Wearing Smiley Mask..Aimglogbal accolades in the past ten years are too numerous to mention.

ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL PARTNERS: Alliance in Motion have very reputatable time tested companies that produce the products and one of them is ,
NATURE’S WAY an American natura ceutical foremost herbal company that is over fifty years old, NASDAQ Traded/NYSE , HALLAL, KOSHER certified, over 200+Medical doctors, herbalist and scientists carrying out extentive research and most importantly,all their product have very, very High Orac Value.(Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) which accounts for the value of anti oxidants in the product. This accounts for the reason for the high efficacy of the products.

THE PRODUCTS..Alliance in motion products In Africa  are limited  due to the certification from regulatory bodies but as they are approved they are introduced into the Market.
There is the Aimglobal Flagship product called  C24/7 meaning Cellular protection twenty four hours seven days a week. Contains over 22, 000 phytonutrient, which accounts for all the essentials needed in the body.
All Aimglobal products are vegetable capsules with no excipients, fillers and binders which are toxic to the body.
All Alliance in motion Global products work at the cellular level which places it at advantage to corrects damages in over 100 ailments at the cellular stage .
Some of the other products include , Complete P hyto enegizer,Choleduz, Restorlyf with resveratrol and anti ageing and longevity polyphenol.
Alliance in motion is also the proud producer of The World First Alkaline Beverages (Liven Coffee and MyChoco)
Another beautiful thing  about Alliance in motion Global is the fact that they are ever evolving , they meet the needs of the time hence the lastest introduction of the Online divison known as AimWorld. This will make internet marketers from different parts of the world benefit from Aimglobal market and the over head cost of infrastructure and manpower cost will be  minimised.It markets the IProtect an anti bacterial and antiviral product  that protects from any airborne virus or bacteria within 2- 3 metres radius and can be delvered at your doorstep in about 200countries, This is shifting and bringing in internet to play.
There are other poducts including the cardio pulse aother range og products..

Alliance in motion  has a one time life time international registration, account is transferable, Daily Payout (first in the world in Product network,)
It has a 3in one  marketing plan whic include Binary, Uni-level Stairstep.

Registering in Alliance in motion include your product equivalent to moey paid including a personalised website.
There are  seven ways to earn in Alliance in motion and they are
1, Retail Profit of between 20-40%
2. Binary. Here  your are rewarded in two ways
A, Recruitment or referarral bonus of #1, 900 or $11 per person and you are expected to have a left and right sales force
B. MATCHING BONUS of #5, 700  or $33 each time you have a pair ie one person on your right and one onyour left whether you brought them or m
not.this you can earn to infinity but company will pay only 16pairs per day

You have a gift check for every fifth pair where you are given a free product which accounts for your autoship

This has to do with re order of products and point are calculated to pay you for all products purchased by your entire team . 10% on your first level and 5% from your 2nd to 10th generation with dynamic compression. This is paid monthly like every uni level company.

The Stairstep: This has to do with Ranking. Alliance in motion Global has only threes Ranks. Growing in rank here has to do with cumulative group sales.There is no pass up, no demotion here unlike other companies.
1. Silver Executive
2.Gold Executive
3.Global Ambassador.

One of the challenges prospect have is the flust out system which caps your earning at #91, 200 or $258 per day.The Flushout system is the safety net of the company, without it the company will collapse. It is the standing Pillar for Alliance in motion and you have been told what to protect yourself from flushout at the initial stage until your network becomes very large and you begin to maximize .Flush out signifies that you have a very healthy network. The distributors of Alliance in motion understand this and dont have a problem with it.

I think Alliance in motion Global is a company to watch out for, with its good leadership and management, great products , a Compensation plan that is a winner All and daily payout system it will indeed Turn the Ordinary man into an Extraordinary millionaire as it is already doing..

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