When you hear the word SUCCESS, what often comes to mind is, no struggle, no failure, only smooth sail.

But this is never the case.

In every success story, there has been a lot of unsuccessful years of struggle, frustration and disappointment but the ability and determination to turn this unsuccessful situations into  success stories is what brings about success.

Let us take the stories of Thomas Edison reinventing the electric bulb, he tried 10,000 unsuccessful attempts before he got it right. Michael Jordan one of the legends in basketball had a lot of  of unsuccessful attempts

He lost almost 300games.

Missed 9000shots.

26times he missed the game winning shots but he trudged on.

Oprah Winfrey was publicly fired from her first TV job for being too emotionally involved in her stories,

she turned it around to become the world richest black woman through sheer determination to create a success story.

Ray Higdon one of the big names in MLM had a bad time  too,at one time with his girlfriend was paying his bills but today most people

don’t know this part of his failure , only the success.

Horton Buggs is another very fascinating success story, It wasn’t smooth either, for 7 whole years he was earning $500

with not more than 50 people in his organisation but was determined,  tenacious and consistent at the pursuit

Of his goal and today it is all success.

No one wants to see and hear the failure, they want only the success story.

You must intentionally  determine to create the success..


Are you in an unsuccessful , deplorable, pitiable situation in your business or job?

Are your bills being paid by others? Are you almost giving up?

No you can’t, you just must do something about your situation before it is too late.

If you want out of the rat race, out of poverty and this post have been of value , please leave a comment,

like and share  this post.

It is not the situation that determines who you are but what is inside you.




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