How I turned Rejection into fun to reach my goal in Network marketing
When I took up network marketing as a career , I didnt know I was going to meet a monster called Rejection.

I sought  help from my uplines and mentors they all had thesame answer.

And the answer was ‘it is normal
It was frustrating, the mere thought of it sent the shivers down my spine It  was simply paralyzing.
To tell you the truth Rejection sent me on sabbatical leave of about a year in my network career and I needed to figure out how to overcome it.

One day I set out to prospect and get fifteen rejections as my target.
I wasn’t looking for people who will accept my opportunity but those who will reject network marketing with reasons.
I set out to a mall , and a very busy area with my notepad and pen and started approaching people.

When I meet and tell you about my opportunity and you say no I just smiled asked why, asked for your number and off I went looking for the next rejection. It became fun even when some of them wanted to give me excuses for their decision so I would try to convince them , I just said thank you and moved on.
Guess what? Rejection became a norm for me.A yes or a no without fear or pain. It turned into fun and I could quickly sift the time wasters and leave them without pain.

I became unemotional to rejection.All I do now is show you my opportunity. Yes or no is a choice for you to make.
Today , I have turned my biggest fear into an asset . I faced my fear, dared it and conquered it. You too can dare the monster called rejection and cage it only by taking an action.

Just keep showing your opportunity to people.

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  1. Wow! This Is Extremely Powerful. I love this. Thank you My Mentor, rejection can be fun indeed if right perspective is felt in our consciousness

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