Practice Makes Perfection.

This morning, I was woken up by a call from one of my team members. She sounded low and downcast. She needed a boost to start off what she needed to do.I could sense she needed that little boost in her confidence to spill whatever was on her mind. Though I would have wanted to continue my sleep I told her I was wide awake so she should spill it.

My partner’s concern was that she wanted to try her hand on some kind of content creation but was afraid she won’t be perfect like the Gurus and the so called I know it all leaders.She didn’t want to be laughed at.She wasn’t confident enough to carry through with her action.

Weren’t we all like this when we started?. I was always asking someone to tell me whether what I posted was good enough and of value but today I am better. No baby started running the day they took their first step. They took shaky steps and gradually built up their confidence with practice and then began to run.

Same applies to your business, be a baby , be laughed at, make the mistakes, learn from them but be rest assured that with each post, each new prospect and new concept , you will become better and your confidence will become stronger.
Don’t worry, even the Big ones were once like you.
Trod on in confidence with only your destination in sight.
You too will become a big name soon.

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