Unethical Ethics To Avoid In Nigerian MLM

It would be of utmost importance to have an idea of what ethics are.

Ethics can be said to be a set of moral values or principle every individual,group or organisation should have.Ethics help to give meaning and purpose,ethics will go a long way to determine the way an individual is raised,religious beliefs and the way you treat and relate with others.

The question now is,are there ethics guiding the MLM industry in Nigeria?

Some people may say  there are no ethics guiding MLM in Nigeria others may say that ethics is a matter of personal opinion and principles because it all boils down to the way you are wired.

Being ethical is doing that which you know is right in all walks of life and the MLM is no different. Simply put it is Do unto others as you want them to do to you.

Let us see some very unethical practises that take place in Nigeria MLM industry

1.It is very unethical to go to someone’s  wall when he has posted something and comments are being posted and you post your  link or advertise your  product there. This is morally wrong.Why would you sell yourself on my page where am trying to sell myself.It is not ethical at all.

2. Another very unethical practice common among Nigerian networks is the tear down the other company to promote my own.How do you go on the Podium and mention the name of another company in comparison in other to promote your company?The more you do that the more you arouse the curiosity  of your members to check out the other company  which may lead to your losing your members to them.The population is large enough to accommodate  every company  and everyone will naturally gravitate to the company that suit their  needs. Concentrate on your company,project the good and strength of your company and the people will naturally come to you.

3. It is also unethical to project mlm as a get rich quick scheme by over promising prospects, lying to them about quick returns which are unattainable. The result is discouragement when people are unable to achieve  the lofty promises.

4. Another,no,no,no and no unethical  practise is HYPE.How do you tell a prospect to sign up into an opportunity, relax and watch money  come in with the promise of building  the business for them.People are naturally lazy,they want manna but the truth is that time of manna  no more exist.Let people know the two sides of the coin. You work and make money or sleep  and get  hungry This practise has sent a lot of potential prospect out of the industry because promises were not kept..

5.Number five very dangerous and unethical  practice of networks in Nigeria is going to the premise of another company to prospect for downlines.It is like going to a man’s house to seduce his wife.Don’t  do this, it is SUICIDAL. You can actually meet with jungle justice in some companies in this  part of the world.

Finally,most people in this industry in Nigeria try to do the right thing but there are a handful who are giving the industry a bad name by doing just anything to get people signed up and make fast money.

You can be different, be straightforward,and honest. You may lose some people,you may not make the fast money but in the end you will outlive the unethical people. Teach the right thing to your new sign ups.  Build a profession  that people will be proud to join.

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